Xceltrip Appoints Crypto Star - Anthony Abunassar As A New Advisor

XcelToken|4 min read|Jan 19, 2019

The most versatile token in the crypto world, XcelToken today appointed Anthony Abunassar as a new advisor to its group of Advisors.

Mr. Anthony started building his experience by serving the global financial institution, PWC. He then moved on to Rothschild & Co, Goldman Sachs, and J.P. Morgan.

Since 2008 he has been advising in the field of crypto trading and ICO investing, as a part of KyteCrypto, a company based in Malta. His pedigree in finance is an enormous asset to the company. It is a milestone carried out after the starting of the Series A Public sale.

Anthony has served as an EX Goldman ICO advisor based in Malta. Bringing him on board is a positive step in us achieving the estimated target of $25 million as he is well-known to offer protection against future regulation in the World #1 location for any ICO wishing to secure their long-term success with regulatory protection.

We are delighted to announce the addition of Mr. Anthony Abunassar to our group of Advisors. Mr. Anthony brings a wealth of his invaluable experience from his highly professional fields of financial and investment background” says Hob Khadka, Founder, Chairman & CEO at XCELToken.

We are honored and humbled that such accomplished individuals as Anthony have agreed to join us in helping us continue to bring Xcel vision to be one of the most impactful, valuable and sustainable eco-system in the crypto and blockchain space.

Having Anthony on our team is a fantastic honor and a great opportunity to learn from him and get the point of view of someone, who lives & breathes in the turbulent world of finance!


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