$300M Funding For Blockchain Capital was started by Visa and PayPal Start.

XcelTrip|2 min read|Jun 30, 2021


Visa and PayPal will participate in the Blockchain capital fundraising and according to the press release, Blockchain Capital closed funding for its Fund V LP. The capital raise drew participation from high-profile backers like these global payment giants. Capped at $300 million Blockchain Capital’s fund was oversubscribed and pointed to the continued appetite for the DLT-related funding despite the market downturn. Apart from Visa and PayPal, the university endowments, family officers and hedge funds as well that participated in the capital raise.

Blockchain Capital is a serial investors in the crypto and DLT space as the company’s portfolio of projects cuts across different facets of the emergign industry like the US-based exchange giants liek Kraken and Coinbase. Blockchain Capital’s investment portfolio extends to the decentralized finance market arena backing projects like UMA, Nexus Mutual and Aave. Since managing to secure the $2 million in funding from Blockchain Capital and other investors back in May in 2018 while OpenSea was able to attract additional investments like the $23 million injection as per the reports.

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