Chinese blockchain companies raised about $ 3.5 billion last year.

Xcelpay|3 min read|Feb 6, 2020

The Chinese investment platform Rhino Data, in collaboration with the pro-government publication Xinhua Finance, presented a report on investments in the blockchain industry in 2019. This is stated on the official website of the company.

How blockchain helps protect copyright and fight piracy.

In this segment, in the Chinese blockchain space, analysts managed to count 245 investment transactions totaling about $ 3.5 billion. Both values ​​fell by about 50% compared to 2018, but turned out to be significantly higher than in 2017. It is expected that the recently taken course by the Chinese leadership on the development of the blockchain will have a positive impact on the results of the current year.

Over time, there has been a decline in investment in projects at an early stage of development — in the total volume of investments, they accounted for 43%. In the second half of the year, strategic investments and acquisitions of third-party companies were more in demand.

The most popular areas for investment were blockchain news resources, market data platforms, exchanges, and decentralized financial services (DeFi). The companies that received the largest volumes of financing included exchanges (Bitfinex, which allegedly raised $ 1 billion through the sale of LEO tokens), representatives of the mining industry (Canaan, which successfully carried out an IPO in the USA) and financial platforms on the blockchain. It is noteworthy that companies outside these sectors are still unlikely to offer a product that would interest investors.

China has recently been trying to introduce blockchain in various fields. Anhui Province of China will use blockchain to optimize business. Authorities announced plans to use new technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence, to optimize the business environment and provide public services.

Also, in the Chinese city of Kunming, a car rental machine appeared that authorizes the user by scanning his face. The system is developed on the basis of the blockchain and allows you to quickly rent a car.

And the State Intellectual Property Office of China has revised its leadership and clarified patent examination procedures for new technologies.

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