Travel to Indonesia and Experience the Best of Extreme Sports in Bali.

XcelTrip|4 min read|May 3, 2019


Bali is a tropical paradise amazing for a vacation away from the bustle of everyday city life. Whether you want a soothing day at a world class spa or you want to feast on Balinese cuisine by the beach, this is your place to be. But if you’re an adventure junkie, travel to Indonesia, specifically to Bali to get your dose of adrenaline gushing experiences. Book your ticket with XcelTrip and take an adrenaline fuelled adventure. If you think you can handle everything that Bali has to offer, then read on.

ATV Quad Biking (Ubud)

Hope on an ATV quad bike and travel througha rugged terrain looking all cool. This is an extreme adventure that you can take that wouldn’t overly exert you. At Taro in Ubud, riders can navigate a route past local communes, plantations and finally to a bamboo forest. This make for quick sightseeing as well.

Jet pack (Nusa Dua)

Bring your fantasy of being Iron Man to life, at Nusa Dua, step on a ingenious innovation that lifts you 30 feet into the air, with twin jets of water furiously from the heels on your feet. Get your adrenaline pumping with this water sport.

White Water Rafting (Ubud)

Sungai Ayung’s currents possess daunting challenges, but aren’t life threatening, Adrenaline junkies, wait for the months of November to March (wet season) when the downpours transform the comparatively gentle waters into a raging monster.

Travel to Indonesia now to fell the adrenaline pump through your veins. Book your tickets with XcelTrip and make memories that will last a lifetime.



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