The Start of a Disruption in the Travel Industry is Just Around the Corner

XcelTrip|3 min read|Feb 26, 2018


XCELTRIP, a self funded startup based out of San Jose, California has been quietly working on a Blockchain based travel ecosystem since 2015 and is ready to launch its operations on February 28th, 2018.

The brainchild of serial entrepreneur, blockchain venture capitalist & an avid traveler, Hob Khadka, XcelTrip was first previewed at its home base during the November 2017 Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara, California. This unique travel platform is incorporating the traditional modus operandi of the OTAs and simultaneously putting in the latest in Blockchain technology to ultimately arrive in the travel space as a composite, one of a kind Decentralized Travel Ecosystem.

In its first phase, XcelTrip will begin operations on a traditional centralized infrastructure similar to a traditional OTA using existing technologies but in tandem with blockchain based features. Customers will be able to search, view and purchase airline tickets & hotel room nights along with many other services both on the XcelTrip web portal and mobile apps.

Although under the current techno commercial environment, complete decentralization from the very beginning is not a possibility; there are many components within the “permissionless space” which are in existence and operational. And as the blockchain world continues to develop and evolve; over the next couple of years XcelTrip should be a fully operational DTE riding on the Ethereum Protocol.

Interestingly, XcelTrip has taken a very different approach to connecting vendors with consumers. While securing a spot for themselves in the online travel arena they intend to also create millions of entrepreneurs or as XcelTrip CEO Hob Khadka calls them – “Travelpreneurs”

“Being an entrepreneur I had always envisioned a system that empowers the masses at large. Imagine being armed with the ability to earn when you travel. You would like that wouldn’t you? Now if you are able to earn when your friends travelled or even better when anyone travelled wouldn’t that be fantastic? So at the core of XcelTrip we created the IMP (Independent Marketing Partner) program where any individual with an entrepreneurial spirit is entitled to a share from the earnings of XcelTrip by simply doing two things; (1) encourage and ensure listing of vendors at XcelTrip to market, promote and sell their products &/or services and (2) to consistently engage with the vendors giving them an edge over their contemporaries in the market while providing the best quality in products and services and concurrently increasing the gross margins.” – said Hob Khadka.

The IMP program works hand in hand with the Vendor Development Program where XcelTrip aims to effectively eliminate the traditional intermediaries who charge a cumulative gross margin to the tune of 25% from the vendors resulting in added costs to the traveler. In doing so, XcelTrip shall gradually transform itself from a semi-permissionless system to a fully functional Decentralized Travel Ecosystem one vertical at a time. With the gradual implementation of Blockchain based tools and components, XcelTrip’s system of reservations, fulfillment and settlements along with real-time after sales service are expected to create a seamless experience for every participant in the entire supply chain.

XcelTrip is not only a multi facetted travel platform, their iOS and Android apps are being loaded with powerful features such as “Xcel-Club” & “Xcel-SOS service along with X-Bar & X-Talk features in due course of time.
San Jose, California 

United States



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