Mexico’s Third Richest Man noted: Bitcoin Should Be In Every Portfolio.

XcelTrip|2 min read|Jun 22, 2021

During an interview with the director of Blockchain Land, José Rodríguez, Ricardo Salinas Pliego assured that Bitcoin is as solid an investment as gold. He explained that the debate about its nature is not so crucial for those who know its properties.

In my opinion, all the advantages that bitcoin has are enough to make the gold of the modern world … There is no point in discussing whether it is a currency or not.

There Will Be Only 21 Million Bitcoins, And That Is Key to Everything.

In fact, Salinas explains that from his point of view, every investor should own Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is an asset that has international value, which is traded with enormous liquidity worldwide. For that reason, it should be in any portfolio.

Ricardo Salinas is a vocal Bitcoiner. He was one of the first prominent Latin American businessmen to talk about Bitcoin and support it in social networks. He also revealed that 10% of his liquid investment portfolio was held in Bitcoin, which is obviously no small thing considering his fortune.

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