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Spain is renowned for its laid-back culture, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. Major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia each offers unique traditions and languages, while vibrant festivals like La Fallas and La Tomatina attract large crowds of locals and tourists.

One of Spain’s claims to fame is its status as a premier food and wine destination. Exploring Spain means immersing oneself in its rich culinary culture — indulging in traditional Spanish fare, sampling regional dishes, and savoring typical Spanish beverages.

Spanish cuisine is best known for its tapas, small plates of various dishes, and the world-famous national dish of Spain — Paella. It is said that Paella has as many variations as there are cooks!

During your visit to Spain, it is essential to savor some of the traditional dishes, such as:

JAMON IBERICO — Iberian ham:

Jamon Iberico is one of the most iconic foods in Spain and among the most sought-after tapas. It is a type of dry-cured ham made from Black Iberian breed pigs. Jamón Ibérico, especially the “de bellota” variety, boasts a smooth texture and a rich, savory flavor.

PAELLA — Famous Spanish rice dish:

As Spain’s national dish, Paella is a saffron-infused rice dish cooked with meats, fish, and vegetables. The word “Paella” originated in the rice-growing areas along Spain’s Mediterranean coast and is closely associated with the Valencia region. It is traditionally prepared in a round, and flat pan called a “paellera” with two handles.

GAZPACHO — Famous Spanish tomato soup:

Gazpacho is a famous Spanish dish popular during hot summers for its refreshing and chilled nature. It is typically a tomato-based soup, although other variations exist. Traditionally, the vegetables used in gazpacho are crushed with a mortar and pestle, resulting in a chilled soup with a delightful consistency.

SALMOREJO — Popular Spanish tomato purée:

Salmorejo is a well-known cold tomato soup in Spain, particularly enjoyed in summertime. It is a favorite in the southern region of Andalucia. This creamy soup serves as a refreshing standalone meal, perfect for hot summer days, and embodies the flavors of southern Spain.

TORTILLA ESPANOLA — Famous Spanish omelet:

Tortilla Española, or Spanish omelet, is a quintessential Spanish dish and a celebrated part of Spanish cuisine. It consists of eggs and potatoes, sometimes with the addition of onion. It is often served as a tapa at room temperature.

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Remember to try these iconic Spanish dishes and embrace the country’s vibrant culinary scene during your visit. Enjoy your journey through Spain’s cultural and gastronomic delights!

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