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National Flower Park near Amsterdam. Every year, this amazing place opens only for a couple of months - for the flowering period. There are hundreds of varieties of tulips, daffodils, lilies, hyacinths, rhododendrons and other types of flowers. Park alleys are decorated in all possible shades. Many tourists Keukenhof reminds "paradise", from which you do not want to leave.

Book Flight to Amsterdam with Bitcoin

Royal Palace
The official residence of the royal dynasty of the Netherlands, where official events are held: the ascension to the throne, weddings, receptions of foreign delegations. The palace was erected in the XVII century for the needs of the city mayor’s office and for court sessions, but was later transferred to the authority of the monarchs. The structure rests on a foundation, which in turn is reinforced on 13,660 piles.

Madame Tussauds museum
A branch of the famous wax exhibition located in Amsterdam (there are 19 branches in the world). Madame Tussauds has gained popularity in all corners of the Earth. Here you can admire the exact copies of real and fairy-tale characters, made with precision and great skill. Madame Tussauds herself was an extraordinary and restless person. She dedicated the collection all her life.

Rembrandt House Museum
The museum is organized in a house on Jodenbreestraat Street, where Rembrandt lived for some time. The collection includes 260 engravings of the master's hands, paintings of his students, as well as those artists who were influenced by Rembrandt. The museum was opened in 1911 in the presence of the ruling queen. Exhibits appeared at the expense of gifts from private collectors and buying up works at auctions.

Museum of Shipping
The Dutch have always been considered skillful and courageous sailors. Their life has been associated with the sea since the first settlements in the Netherlands. The history of navigation and shipbuilding can be found in the special Museum of Shipping, where collections of maps, ship gear and tools are exhibited. Before the opening of the museum in the building was located the Admiralty of Amsterdam.

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