Book A and O AMSTERDAM ZUIDOOST at XcelTrip today and try Dutch cuisine

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From mini pancakes to croquettes from a vending machine, Amsterdam offers the hungry traveller plenty of unique culinary experiences. Don't go home without trying at least one of these traditional Dutch foods:

Book A and O AMSTERDAM ZUIDOOST at XcelTrip today and try Dutch cuisine


If you try one Dutch sweet treat, make it a stroopwafel. Two thin waffles stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup; these delectable delicacies are best enjoyed hot and gooey from a street market or bakery.

Stamppot (Mash Pot)


Stamppot is comfort food at its best – and it reigns as the Netherlands national dish. It is so simple that we were suspect as to how flavorful it would be, yet we were completely blown away by the incredible taste. The traditional Dutch dish has a potato base and is prepared with vegetables, according to taste (so you might find that traditional Dutch recipes for Stamppot vary slightly). Basic ingredients – white potato, sweet potato, carrots, onion and cabbage – are simmered in a pot, mashed and topped with rookworst (smoked sausage). Add a shake or two of salt and pepper and a typical Dutch meal is served!


Pannenkoeken (Pancakes)


When we first found out that the Dutch are fond of pancakes, we imagined sweet Netherlands breakfast food– and then we learned how wrong we were. Pannenkoeken – Dutch pancakes – are more like crepes and can be prepared both sweet and savory and are a typical Dutch dinner or lunch. Each pancake is as big as a plate. We prefer the savory pannenkoeken, topped with cheese, ham, tomato and fried onions (but more on Dutch sweets in a minute!). There is a pancake restaurant in the hills by our house, but I also made them at home using this recipe.


Hagelslag (Sprinkles)


Remember as a kid, how sprinkles made ice cream so much better? Well, in the Netherlands, sprinkles – which they call hagelslag – aren’t reserved for kids or ice cream. Hagelslag is consumed – usually topping a slice of buttered bread – as a snack or at any meal; it is even eaten as a typical Dutch breakfast. We, however, would smear peanut butter on sweet Dutch pastries then top it with chocolate hagelslag. There are no rules…and sprinkles are fun.


Everyday dishes here are fresh fish products - herring, eel, bondage, halibut, oysters. They are cooked in every way, salted, processed into canned food and served on the table most often with boiled potatoes. The most popular fish is herring.
Almost in all cafes and restaurants in Holland you can find menus in three languages: English (for tourists), Dutch and Flemish.
Most often, the Dutch eat it "on the go": in the form of a sandwich or swallowing it "alive." Namely: they lift it above the head and, having raised up the head, bite off a piece - the traditional Dutch way. The traditional Amsterdam way is considered to be eating a herring cut on a paper plate with a small onion broth and chopped salted cucumber. Eating all this pleasure is a sort of double toothpick.


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