Best Places to Visit in England: Cambridge, Liverpool, Brighton, Manchester and York

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Thanks to Cambridge University, which is known for such great minds as Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking — Cambridge is probably most famous place you can admire by taking a traditional boat trip along Cam. Numerous university museums, the Royal Chapel, the Bridge of Sighs, the Mathematical Bridge, and the Great Gate of St. John are also not going to miss visitors. There are more places to visit such as the Church of St. Julitta in the rural area of Cambridge and the Church of St. Cyriac. At the end of their visit, travelers may want to try "champing" (church camping), in the Church of St. Cyriac and St. Julitta in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Best Places to Visit in England


Liverpool is a city in the north-west of England, at the mouth of the River Mersey and the UK’s second largest export port. Liverpool is the cultural capital of England, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the birthplace of The Beatles, so it's no surprise that it's filled with world-class attractions and magnificent outdoor spaces and is rich with sporting history.  Throughout the world, Liverpool is known primarily for its old-time football clubs FC Everton and FC Liverpool, as well as the birthplace of the legendary Beatles group, which began its performances here in the 60s. In 2008, Liverpool, along with the Norwegian Stavanger, received the status of the cultural capital. If you want to take a closer look at the era of Victorian England, then Liverpool will give you that opportunity.

Liverpool is world famous not only for its legendary river port and the Beatles group, but also for the Great National Horse Racing (Grand National Steeplechase). This lively city is worth a visit not only because of the sights, but also because of the excellent shopping opportunities, a large number of sporting events and vibrant nightlife.


The city, which is called "the most fashionable city in the UK" and "the happiest city in the UK" is located on the southern coast of England is Brighton. It is always a fun and friendly trip. Visitors will want to spend time on the Victorian Brighton Pier, Palace Pier, where they'll experience a festive fun time for the whole family. The regal splendor of the Royal Pavilion, the thrill of the world's tallest moving observation tower at British Airways i360, and the beauty of pebbly Brighton Beach are among dozens of must-see places in Brighton.


Manchester is recognized as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and is one of the most charismatic and cosmopolitan cities in the United Kingdom. The city's unique character welcomes visitors to explore its culture, history, architecture, and spirit through its premier interactive attractions, events, and tour opportunities. An excellent way to get the inside scoop of the city is with a walking tour of Manchester. On the tour, guests will learn about the city's landmarks like the town hall and hidden gems like Albert Hall, a chapel that remained undiscovered for over 40 years. Additional impressive attractions are the John Ryland’s Library, Barton Arcade, and St Anne's Church.

One of the largest industrial and cultural-educational centers in England, the birthplace of computer programming and the city where the first railway station was built - all this is Manchester.  People come here not only to watch the match of the legendary football team Manchester United, but also to visit numerous museums, see the cathedrals and architectural monuments.  

Making a trip to the UK, one can't look into this industrial metropolis, which, nevertheless, pleases with a large number of ancient buildings, galleries and simply colorful streets.

If the excursion in Manchester is beyond your means, you should not get upset book your trip with XcelTrip - and you could have a wonderful time, and the tourist map of the city will help you not to get lost.


York is a flourishing city that is just 2 hours from London by train. It has a rich ancient history, romantic atmosphere, and an eclectic range of fun activities. It is most notable for its magnificent architecture, charming cobbled streets, and soaring York Minster. Within this compact walled city, visitors will find hundreds of museums, shops, historic buildings, restaurants, bars, tours, and attractions. York has a vibrant café culture, and features talented and unique street entertainers in addition to beautiful eateries lining the river. Clifford's Tower, the Castle Museum, the York Dungeon, York Boat, JORVIK Viking Centre, and York's Chocolate Story are among some of its most prominent attractions.

York: Authentic traditions and festivals

York is famous for its festivals and national holidays, during the year there are more than fifty. Among the national celebrations there are both very young holidays.  The main symbol of the city is the Cathedral, whose construction began in 13th century and lasted more than 400 years

In the oldest district of York, you can see part of the fortress wall and the city gates. There is also a small museum dedicated to past centuries.

For connoisseurs of painting the most interesting cultural institution will be the Art Gallery, which presents works by famous English artists. Near the main station is the National Museum of Railways, a collection of which represents 50 locomotives, many of which were released in the early 19th century. York will surprise guests not only with beautiful historic buildings, but also with an abundance of beautiful parks.

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