April 30th , A Big Day For XcelToken Holders.

XcelTrip|4 min read|Apr 24, 2019

"XCELToken" the most versatile utility token, backed by the XcelTrip.com, an online travel platform where you can book over 800,000 hotels and 400 Airline using XCELToken is going live in various Crypto Exchanges by 30th April 2019.

We have confirmed with major 10 crypto exchange, and many more are on the way!!!! 

From April 30th, our XcelToken holders can trade through various crypto exchanges. You can also book your hotels and flights using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance and our native utility token "XcelToken".

Our booking platform XcelTrip is also giving a user a great deal i.e 15% cashback on every booking you make.

We are also coming up with various trading contest for our XcelToken holders through various Crypto Exchanges. We will soon update it.

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Have a happy travelling with XcelTrip!!!




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