XcelTrip-5 Adventure Sports To Try In Brazil

Xceltrip|4 min read|Jan 18, 2020

Brazil is a land of many attractions and activities, ranging from historical monuments and bustling city centres to dense jungles and deserted beaches.

However, Brazil is also a fabulous destination for adrenaline junkies seeking an escape filled with exciting adventure sports. It may be a boys’ getaway, honeymoon or corporate teambuilding initiative; adventure sports are always popular. Here are 5 adventure sports to try in Brazil:

Canopy Tours or Zip Lining

These tours allow visitors to explore the forests from the perspective of the towering trees, sliding from one to the other while securely seated in a harness. This has little negative effect on the environment, as everything is secured via tension. This means that trees are not drilled or cut to support the visitors, and no tourists are trampling on delicate vegetation on the ground. Therefore, this is the ideal adrenalin sport for eco-tourists. Various tours are offered, and Rio de Janeiro is popular for this particular activity.

Horse Riding Safaris

The Pantanal is ideal for horse riding safaris, which take visitors through some of the beautiful wonders of Brazil on the back of an equally magnificent animal. These safaris can be done in groups and allow participants to get up close and personal to nature, while covering a greater distance than is possible by hiking. In addition to The Pantanal, other popular places for horse riding safaris include the canyons and waterfalls of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Darwin’s Rainforest Trail from Rio de Janeiro and the Bahia beaches.


While surfing can be a laid-back sport, it can certainly induce a fair amount of adrenalin when braving massive swells. Brazil’s coastline promises a variety of beaches, each of which is suited to a different calibre and expertise of surfer. Fernando de Noronha Island may be a small land mass, but it boasts enormous swells, promising surfers plenty of thrills. The more popular, better known beaches can become very full, making it difficult for surfers to be able to move freely. Therefore, the quieter, rougher beaches are usually reserved for these dedicated sportsmen and women.

Cascading Canyoning

This involves climbing down canyons and through waterfalls using ropes and safety gear. This certainly gets the heart pounding, and guarantees spectacular views and never-to-be-forgotten memories. This is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Brazil without impacting negatively on the environment.


This sport is a climbing technique that involves lowering yourself from a cliff or bridge using ropes and safety gear (like abseiling). The beach of Barra de Guaratiba is a popular rappelling site, measuring 50 metres in height. Tours are then perfectly rounded off by a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Use XcelTrip to plan your trip to Brazil to try any of the above 5 Adventure sports and make memories that lasts a lifetime.




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