XcelToken Upgrade!!!

XcelToken Plus|8 min read|May 6, 2019
As mentioned in our last announcement, we are now in the process of upgrading to a new version of XcelToken. 

Due to abundance of caution, improved security and functionality, we are now upgrading your tokens. A smooth and seamless relocation will take place, with the upgraded version from the 10th to the 15th of May,2019. We strongly advise against moving your tokens from your wallets during this period (May 10th - 15th), as the process will happen automatically within the blockchain system.

After this period of transformation and transition, you will be able to trade on eight highly reputed exchange platforms.
Keep your eyes peeled for further information that is to follow!!!
Alert: We strong advise not to transfer or move your XcelToken to any other wallets during the migration period between 10th to 15th of May 2019. 
Thank you for your cooperation.
XCELTOKEN plus team.



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