How to make unique present using Bitcoin?

Xcelpay|3 min read|Jan 18, 2020

Souvenir coin

For collectors, you can order a decorative coin, for example, on AliExpress. The coin itself has no value, so you can present it as a comic gift. Another option is to attach a wallet address to the coin, to which you can transfer any amount, and a private key for access. Then transfer any amount from your wallet to the generated address. It remains only to print QR codes for access to the wallet with a gift and stick it on a souvenir coin.

Bitcoin Futures

A way for extremely advanced and wealthy investors. On December 10, 2017, the Chicago exchange Cboe Global Markets for the first time in history began trading futures. Through a broker, you can now buy a contract with a deadline. The obvious disadvantages are the complexity of the purchase and the high cost, since the unit of the contract is one bitcoin.

SMS gift

If you do not want to be wise at all, you can simply send a message to the recipient with congratulations and a request to send his wallet number for transfer. Then it remains only to transfer the necessary number of bitcoins from your account and wait for the words of gratitude.

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