XCELTOKEN-Progressive Decentralization

XcelTrip|2 min read|Mar 10, 2018


Our end goal is to provide a travel eco-system platform where vendors and consumers can participate with minimum friction and middlemen is replaced by blockchain. Any disruptive technology has its own adoption curve, blockchain technology is no different in that regard. Many leading thinkers in this space compares this space to 1994 of internet era3.

Ethereum has provided a robust platform to support crypto token in any platform.

Thus we will use the ERC20 token to represent XCEL token in the platform. In the beginning the token will have limited use but as we introduce more and more decentralized system it will be more integral to the ecosystem.

Following path to complete decentralization is envisioned -


Initial phase - ERC20 token with partial utility in the ecosystem. Vendors will have the option to accept settlement in xceltoken in which case the settlement will be expedited. Consumers can pay in XCEL token to take advantage of discount. XCEL token to be listed in exchanges to provide liquidity. IMPs will be compensated in XCEL token


Mid-Term - ERC20 as the medium of exchange on the platform. Vendors accepts XCEL token as payment. Smart contract to manage each transaction between consumer and vendor. Implementation of crypto rewards on a platform either via partnership with a crypto reward system or build it inhouse.


Complete Decentralization - Scalable platform where vendors will list their offerings and consumers can purchase them. Governance of the ecosystem managed through DAO. Dispute resolution system. Continual development of the platform spearheaded by the foundation utilizing the token allocated for foundation.



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