XcelToken listed in Mercatox

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XcelToken, a first of its kind utility token, backed by the XcelTrip is listed in Mercatox exchange and will be listed in other major exchanges on 15 May 2018. The Mercatox is the first exchange to list XcelToken. As of today, the token can be traded wither either BitCoin or Ethereum.


XcelToken is created on the Ethereum Blockchain Platform based on ERC20 Token and is quite different from other token in the market today. What makes this token so unique is its real world application and its broad use case. The token can be used for airlines ticketing, accommodation, vehicle rental, restaurant, bar, spa, etc. using XcelTrip Platform.


XcelToken is already available for purchase through Xceltoken.com. Anyone from Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America can purchase the token and buyers will also get 20% bonus until the sale ends on 19 May 2018.


With XcelToken, it is the users who are in power. Travelers can pay with XcelToken and get huge discounts on their purchases as well as get free XcelTokens. Not only that, users can list vendors and get referral commission every time the vendor gets a booking via Xceltrip.com


There’s a maximum supply of 50 Billion Xcel Tokens. During the sale, the price is $0.11 per token. Of the total supply of tokens,  50% is going to public escrow fund. The remaining 15% tokens are allocated to the XcelToken team, 10% to the foundation, 5% for the loyalty program, 10% as a reserve fund, and 10% for the public supply.

Until the 19th of May, buyers can purchase the XcelToken and get 20% tokens as bonus. The payment options for purchase include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Paypal.


There are hundreds of Online Travel Agency but all are plagued with problems. There are too many intermediaries and too many layers between the consumers and the agency. The various layers do nothing but add cost to the customers. Not only that, even the service provides get smaller piece of slice as they have to pay to all those intermediaries.


XcelToken is different in a way that it is efficient. Using the Blockchain technology, the XcelToken and XcelTrip team has figured out a way to minimize the costs of travelling by eliminating the middlemen altogether. The aim of the company is to disrupt the global tourism and hospitality industry by launching a digital token and offer superior services at lower costs.


Of all the hundreds and thousands of token and cryptocurrencies launched this year, the XcelToken is definitely one the tokens to keep an eye on. With all the preparation and hype the company has created, it won’t be long before it enters the top 100 cryptocurrencies of the world.


You can download Xceltrip app on both Android and iOS and check out the features and services on offer. You can find more information about them on Xceltrip.com and Xceltoken.com.



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