XcelPay Upgrade Announcement

XcelPay|3 min read|Jun 11, 2019

XcelLab is proud to announce that XcelPay the merchant POS, digital payment wallet and crypto payment gateway, integrated into an easy to use, crypto wallet that is empowered for both mobile and tablet use, now has received upgrades that added to the already existing list of wonderful features that XcelPay has to offer:


1)  Bitcoin is Back on XcelPay- Bitcoin is now available for transaction on XcelPay, making

2)  Mobile Top Up Feature with Bitcoin support- You can now top-up mobile phone plans with 900 different carrier services and in 160 countries, using Bitcoin.

3)  Multi-Wallet Support- You will now be able to create private keys for multiple wallets and this will also enable you to transact with Bitcoin with multiple wallets.

4)  Customer Support Feature- You will now be able to easily interact with the customer support team from within the wallet.

Enjoy these new features on the XcelPay app, now available on IOS and Android app stores.

Download the app now, if you haven’t already, so that you don’t miss out on all the amazing upgrades and offers!



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