Visit Geneva And Experience Its Natural and Cultural Beauty

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Located at the western end of Lac Leman, with France just a mile away, Geneva’s skies are always painted with the silhouettes of snow-capped mountains, and as for the city, its always bustling with international diplomats and tourists. If you wish to visit Geneva here are a list of attractions that you mustn’t miss:

Lake Geneva

The lake is the undisputed star of Geneva. With a backdrop of the Alps, the lake is the background for many of the divinest city views. You can get from one part of the city to another on its Mouettes Genevoises, motor-launches that have travelled between lakeside quays since 1897. If you are looking to just get a taste of the lake then opt for a trip on one of the paddle steamers.

Temple de Saint-Pierre

Dating back to 1150, the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre, the Romanesque church is situated at the peak of Geneva's old town, features some Gothic essentials. During the Protestant Reformation, in which Geneva frolicked a significant role, the name was changed to Temple de Saint-Pierre. John Calvin preached sermons here from 1536 to 1564, and his followers brought the altars to its bare bones, stripping it of its art, and sculptures, leaving only the engraved capitals and the stained glass from its original ornamentation.

Jardain Botanique

Southeast of the Ariana, between the Avenue de la Paix and the Chemin de l'Impératrice, you'll find Geneva's botanical garden, established in 1902 to swap a smaller one in the Parc des Bastions. Its glasshouse conservatories, gardens, and conservatoire cover about 28 hectares and showcases more than 12,000 species of plants and trees. An Alpine Garden displays plants from Switzerland's high elevations, and the herbarium is one of the largest in the world, with six million samples. A small animal area comprises fallow deer and Peacocks and additional wildlife.

Musee d’Art et d’Histoire

One of Switzerland's three main museums, Geneva's Musée d'Art et d'Histoire owes its extraordinary assortments to the union of several regional museums, with additional contributions from private collectors. The outcome covers the fields of applied and fine art and archaeology, with a collection of weapons, Greek and Roman art riches, Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean antiquities, Roman and Etruscan pottery, and Egyptian funerary art.

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