VERGE is NOW Live on XcelTrip

XcelTrip|5 min read|Jun 11, 2019

XcelLab is proud to announce that the new partnership with VERGE, is now live and open for mass adoption on the XcelTrip Platform.

VERGE is NOW Live on XcelTrip

VERGE a cryptocurrency intended for adoption for everyday use, that expands upon the original Bitcoin blockchain platform. It aims to fulfil its preliminary purpose of offering individuals and businesses with effective, fast and decentralised way of making direct transactions while maintaining privacy.


VERGE will now be adopted into usage on XcelTrip -With an aim of disrupting the trillion-dollar travel industry by giving the connectivity and access to the travellers directly to the travel service providers. XcelTrip is an online travel booking platform where you can check-in at over 800,000 hotels and book tickets with over 400 airlines with cryptocurrency, thus enabling a decentralised travel ecosystem.


This is an amazing opportunity for both VERGE and XcelLab to empower the crypto-community to use their utility tokens for their everyday transactions, thus making cryptocurrency more mainstream.

So, book your next trip on using your VERGE currency, use VERGE10 on your next booking and avail 10% off on your flight and hotel bookings.

Promo code: VERGE10



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