Use BCH to Book Hotels and Flights World Wide on XcelTrip

XcelTrip|2 min read|Mar 14, 2022

BOOK hotels and flights and pay in BCH

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) token holders can now book over 2.3 million hotels and 450 airlines worldwide using XcelTrip- a decentralized travel and booking platform by Xcellab Ecosystem.

As we all know, blockchain technology is dramatically changing the landscape of how we make payments and engage in financial transactions. Its adoption is steady growing across sectors, so travel sector is no different.

XcelTrip, an IATA accredited decentralized travel and booking platform is harnessing the power of blockchain, and enabling travelers to book hotels and airlines worldwide, since 2017! Not only is it disintermediating travel sector, but also promoting cryptocurrency use-cases.

XcelTrip is disintermediating Travel- Get onboard!

XcelTrip enables travelers to connect directly with service providers, passing through intermediaries or middlemen who take a chunk of payment as commission. Not only travelers benefit from cheaper and faster settlements, but data recorded in blockchain through smart contracts are secure, decentralized, and tamper — proof with no central point of vulnerability or failure Planning trips. This way, booking flights and hotels is made easier with XcelTrip.

So, where is your next travel?

BCH holders can use tokens to book hotels and flights worldwide, all from single XcelTrip website and mobile application.

Sign-up or log-in to your XcelTrip app. Search for your desired hotels or find flights by filling in your travel details.

From cryptocurrency drop-down menu, choose BCH as mode of payment. There are several cryptocurrencies that you can choose from to make payments for your stay and for your flights, anywhere in the world!

XcelTrip provides travelers with a list of various properties and airlines to choose from. Travellers can filter the options and make the best choice according to their preference, directly from the app itself!

Based on best suitable and affordable options Travellers can book hotels and flights on XcelTrip and directly process the payment without having to leave XcelTrip platform!

Book your trip, choose from over 2.3 million hotels and 450 airlines, WORLDWIDE. Make payments in crypto like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & Travel the world with XcelTrip.


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