Travel to South Korea to Visit Some of the Quirkiest and Eeriest Attractions

XcelTrip|4 min read|May 23, 2019

In between chowing down Korean BBQ and hiking up Namsan mountain, we’ve obtained the weirdest, yet brilliant, touristic spots that Seoul has to offer just for you. Travel to South Korea immerse yourself in the nature, culture and the quirkiest that it has to offer:

Yongma Land- Abandoned Theme Park

Yongma Land was constructed in 1980, and had a fairly solid run as a minor family-oriented theme park. By 2011 the tastes of the people had changed, and with the number of people visiting declining, it was shut down. Despite stories of a haunting or two, the root of its demise was probable just a stuff of revenue, when the building of numerous, larger and better situated, theme parks enticed the thrill-seekers away. Now in the hands of an innovative local businessman, the old Yongma Land has risen from its ashes, but this time to carousal in the touching allure of its decay. 

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital

The hospital is officially closed to the public and residents of the area do not hearten tourists or give directions to the asylum readily but around a thousand people break in and wander the lands of Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital every year. The structures stand complete with corroded out machines, hospital leftovers, trash, and filthy beds, adding to its eerie and spooky repute.


Poopoo Land is a lively, madcap exhibit that doesn’t waste an inch of its three-story space, but honkytonks deep into the cosmos and science of poop, farts, and everything in between. It’s an Instagram gold mine—you and your buddies can strike a pose on identical commodes, get up handy and personal with a urinal, or see a display of many diverse types of loo rolls.

Travel to South Korea to visit these oddities and book your trip with XcelTrip to make memories that last a life time.


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