Tips To Effectively Work Form Home

Xceltrip|3 min read|Apr 6, 2020

As the Coronavirus spread is bringing the world down to its knees, a lot of companies and businesses have mandated work from home, in an effort to control the pandemic so that we can soon resume normal life.

In case you find it hard to stay motivated and get work done, then here are some tips that you can follow to keep yourself productive, connected to work and stay healthy:

Set Expectations:

Its important now more than ever to set expectations not just for yourself but for your employees as well. It makes it easier to accomplish the tasks that need to be completed soon. Even though 65% of employees state that they would be more productive at home than in the office, most employers are very vary of providing remote work opportunities.

Make sure that you know how to track your productivity, a place where you log your daily activities this may seem distrustful but it helps you gauge your progress, this will allow your employer to track your progress.

Availability Expectations

To ensure that tasks are being done an open line of communication during the office hours are absolutely necessary. And the managers certainly need to communicate this with the employees, aside from this a set guideline for the preferred modes of communications.

Evaluate Your Policy

Regularly check in with your work from home policy and your team, this will make sure that productivity stays intact. If in case productivity increases then review your policy in order to allow your employees WFH every now and then.

Stay Connected With Your Team

Working from home can alienate everyone from eachother. Make sure that you message and stay in contact constantly with engaging threads that would not only keep your teammates engaged with things outside of work too.

XcelTrip advises you stay home in order to make sure that you ensure the safety of both your family and yourself during these trying times.



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