Spanish Cuisine

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What are some typical Spanish dishes? The standard Spanish diet is Mediterranean, featuring lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats like olive oil. Spain has many unique and flavorful dishes, but these traditional Spanish foods are a must try! Let’s taste 5 Spanish dishes you may like:

Spanish Cuisine


A very traditional Spanish dish that has been eaten for a long time. Its origins are disputed as well as the “original” ingredients, but basically, it’s a cold tomato soup with mixed raw vegetables. Served chilled, this tomato-based soup is refreshing in the summer heat. It’s so popular, you eat it every day! 


Most people have probably heard about this famous dish with saffron and seafood. While many think of Paella as the national dish in Spain, it’s more of a regional dish from Valencia, which is the home of the Paella. But, of course, due to its popularity, it can be found almost all over the country and the islands. Many also have their own version of Paella, including traditional family recipes.


When we say tortilla in Sweden, we usually talk about thin bread made from flour. In Spain however, a tortilla is basically a Spanish omelet made of eggs and potatoes. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch or even for dinner.


When it comes to Spanish vegetarian food, Tumbet is one of the most delicious dishes. It’s a traditional dish from the Spanish island of Mallorca, which is why it’s known as Mallorquin Tumbet. It consists of layers of sliced aborigines, potatoes and red bell peppers which have been fried in olive oil. It’s available in almost every local restaurant in Mallorca.


During the colonization, the Spanish conquistadors introduced Empanadas in America. And while it is regarded as a Spanish food, it might have Arabian origins and was perhaps created during the Arab rule in Spain. Nonetheless, Empanadas can be found everywhere in Spain and they are delicious. It’s a baked pastry that has been stuffed with various fillings such as minced meat and cheese.

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