SHIB, APE, and MATIC Listed-on XcelTrip

XcelTrip|2 min read|May 30, 2022

Are you a $SHIB, $APE, or $MATIC token holder? You can now book a trip with $SHIB $APE and $MATIC tokens on XcelTrip. Pay for travels with cryptocurrency.

Use $SHIB , $APE and $MATIC to book hotels and flights worldwide with XcelTrip. Choose from 2.3 million hotels and 450 airline services listed on XcelTrip.

Besides booking hotels and flights, you can rent cars in 72 countries. Enjoy real-time use cases and increase the utility of $SHIB, $APE, and $MATIC with the decentralised travel ecosystem XcelTrip.

XcelTrip is an IATA-certified award-winning platform operating in 250+nations. The travel and booking platform is a decentralised project initiative of XcelLab Ecosystem, which is also working behind blockchain projects like XcelPay WalletXcelDefiXcelSwap, and Xcel Token Plus, all of which are built to leverage crypto adoption and crypto uses-cases in daily use.

If you are affiliated with the token project, list your token on XcelTrip. Your token will gain the ability to tap into the growing crypto community and leverage XcelTrip’s platform to increase its real-time use cases.

Some of the benefits of listing your token on XcelTrip are:

  • Accelerates real-life use cases of the token. Your token can be used for booking 2.3+ million hotels, 450+flights, and booking cars in 72 countries.
  • Promotion of the token to the larger crypto audience. XcelLab Ecosystem has a thriving 10 million members and 650,000+ registered users who will learn about your token.
  • Leverage the overall appeal and reliability of your token through the XcelTrip platform.
  • Gain trust and recognition of service providers as well as huge users by connecting with 150,000+ IMPs in our network.

Build the value of your token and see your token getting adopted by the mass crypto community. Learn more: New Tokens Getting Listed on XcelTrip, Have You Listed Yours?

To maximize the overall appeal of your toke, join the XcelTrip Partnership Program.

  1. To list your token on XcelTrip, you will need to fill out the listing form mentioning all the details about your project. Listing Form
  2. The XcelTrip project team will review your form.
  3. If the project meets all the standard requirements of the XcelTrip platform, XcelTrip will list the token for travel and booking.

Know more about the XcelTrip marketing campaign offers to its listing partners, and check the eligibility criteria for listing your token- Join XcelTrip Partnership Program — List your token on XcelTrip and increase the mass adoptions and use cases.

$SHIB $APE $MATIC projects are listed on XcelTrip. Now it’s time to list your token’s turn!

Follow the Xcellab Ecosystem on Telegram and follow XcelTrip on social platforms to learn more about XcelTrip.







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