Popular ways to spend cryptocurrency in different countries. XcelPay provides security for your cryptos assets and your transactions.

XcelPay|3 min read|Oct 29, 2019

Bitcoin wallet for Android and IOS is becoming more and more popular. More people have started using XcelPay in different countries. XcelPay Wallet app, now available on IOS and Android app stores.

Try it today! XcelPay Wallet is an easy to use payment solution that provides security for your cryptos assets and your transactions. You could download the latest version of XcelPay Wallet 2.0.28 with new interactive UI and wallet recovery with ETH private key.

was a pioneer in the use of digital currencies as a means of payment. Recently, in the country with the help of bitcoin, you can pay for almost any product or service. Organizations around the world are also gradually introducing cryptocurrency payments for goods and services.Bitcoin has become an important player in the global financial market, but many countries are in no hurry to legalize it. Bitcoin is a serious competitor, but official recognition in the United States.Therefore, if you happen to own some Bitcoins and you want to spend them online — download our digital payment wallet — XcelPay- crypto wallet that is empowered for both mobile and tablet use, makes sure that transferring and receiving payments in crypto is a secure process. XcelPay Wallet aims to cut out undesirable middlemen, bank/card transaction fees, currency conversion fees that produce a negative effect on the retailer’s and consumer’s margins.

For example, a network of Bitcoin Coffee establishments has opened in the Czech Republic. From cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is accepted for payment. Unlike this coffee shop, PizzaForCoins pizza delivery accepts more than 50 different coins.

Supports the development of new technologies and the worldwide network of fast food restaurants Burger King. Recently, in the Netherlands, restaurants of this fast food accept payments in bitcoins.

KFC accepts DASH cryptocurrency in Venezuela. Global brands followed suit, for example PapaJohn`s pizzeria, Subway fast food chain, Traki hotels. Restaurants and food delivery services are among the first to introduce cryptocurrency payments.

Universities are also trying to keep up to date. Now you can pay for education using Bitcoin in educational institutions in Germany, Cyprus, USA, Switzerland and other countries. One of the first was the Swiss University of Lucerne, which began accepting cryptocurrency for studying at an art and scientific school in 2017. The operator of such payments was the famous Swiss company BitcoinSuisse AG.

In the renowned New York Plastic Surgery Clinic Body Sculpt, you can not only pay for the entire range of services with Bitcoin, but also get a discount for it. If you are not local, then you can purchase a ticket to visit this place, and also for cryptocurrency.

Consumers have the flexibility to store, send and receive cryptos from around the world. Our secure blockchain XcelPay Wallet offering users total peace of mind.



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