Our XcelToken holders have reached to more than 100,000

XcelToken|4 min read|Apr 11, 2019

This is a proud and happiest moment for us to share with our users that our XcelToken holders have reached to more than 100,000. We are in a process of creating a huge XcelToken holders community and we are working passionately for this.

The prominent reason for reaching out to huge mass in short period of time is, Real use case of our XcelToken. For now users can use XcelToken to book hotels and flights all over the world and soon we are coming up with various more usecases. 

In the process of flapping our wings around the world and spread XcelToken, we are soon going on live in various more exchange house by the 30th of April. Users can trade their XcelToken through this exchange houses. Before that one can buy XcelToken from www.xceltoken.com and xchangewallet.io

Also, we are coming up with various offers. Please stay connected with us through various social medias.


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