Ocean Cay: Marine Reserve

Xceltrip|4 min read|Jan 9, 2020

Deemed as a paradise in the Bahamas, 104.6 Kms south of Miami, Ocean Cay is a 95-acre marine reserve island is owned by MSC Cruises that started welcoming visitors in December 2019. Due to its proximity to Mami there are multiple cruises that you can take to visit this luxurious island. Though the island may seem small, it is well planned out to make sure that you have a relaxing time on the beach. Here are a few things you can do on the Ocean Cay island, by using KAU on XcelTrip:


The Island has a lot of activities to offer that allows you to explore the island, the marine life and relax.

Scuba Diving

Take an introductory discover scuba diving course for non-certified divers. Experience the thrill of diving under the care and close supervision of one of our expert PADI Dive Instructors. Although this course does not certify you as a diver, it’s a fun introduction to scuba diving and give you credit towards your diver course should you decide to continue on to be a fully certified Open Water Diver upon your return home.

Beachside Stargazing

Enjoy a welcome drink as your guide, using state of the art computerized tracking telescopes, finds the most striking star clusters, planets, nebulas and galaxies on display that evening. An evening of unbelievable stargazing under the Bahamian sky awaits you, during which you’ll learn some fun space facts about the solar system.

Marine Reserve Snorkelling

Experience a fabulous snorkelling adventure by rubbing shoulders with the many curious creatures of the Bahamas. All snorkelling gear will be provided with instructions for use.

Food on Ocean Cay

If you’re up for some Bahaman cuisine, tropical drinks and snacks the island has a lot to offer.

Seakers Food Court

Discover American classics, Bahamian flavours and dining options for kids. You can also choose one of the beverage packages available to be consumed on the island. A second buffet will be available in the near future.

Food Trucks

Grab a quick bite at one of the food trucks located throughout the island or a drink at one of our beach bars.

Lighthouse Bar

At 100 feet tall, the red and white lighthouse is a striking landmark. Enjoy drinks and food with live music and DJs and an evening visual experience that will enhance the atmosphere.


Shopping on the island is taking home a piece of Bahaman culture and art back home.

Bahaman Straw Market

Take a piece of the island with you and shop for authentic Bahamian products at The Bahamian Shop & Artisan Market

Unlike other venues on the island, the Bahamian Artisan Market does not accept the Cruise Card as a form of payment, so please remember to bring some cash (USD).

MSC Logo Shop

Browse our selection of MSC-branded products and take-home memories of your cruise.

You can book your Cruise to the island on the Ocean Cay website from the coasts of Miami or New York, if you you’re wondering how to get to any of these coasts, book your flight tickets with KAU on XcelTrip to make memories that last a lifetime.


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