Napoleon Bitcoin Fund

Xcelpay|3 min read|Jan 9, 2020

With enough locations accepting crypto and with a way for the merchant to easily exchange it into the local currency, customers cs. Ian use crypto as an alternative which enables them to preserve the value of their financial assetn this, crypto can provide one more option that can make difficult conditions a bit easier. It enables people to help out one another, and this is what crypto should be all about.

Napoleon AM: a unique regulated Asset Manager crypto focused. Napoleon Asset Management (NAPOLEON AM) is an asset manager, regulated in France by the AMF. First of all, it specializes in quantitative investment strategies applied to underlying assets exposed to crypto assets, among which Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Napoleon AM Crypto Investment Funds

Napoleon Bitcoin Fund” is a French regulated fund giving a crypto exposure. It is a FPS (“Fonds Professionel Spécialisé” or specialized professional funds) reserved to professional investors and assimilated investors (investors ready to invest more than 100k €). It gives access to Bitcoin performance through synthetic replication and a daily liquidity. As a FPS, it is not authorized by the AMF. Indeed, in the case of specialized professional funds, operating rules are laid down in the prospectus. But, if you are a professional investor, you can ask for its prospectus, its rules, its KIID or more details by asking here.

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