Make new travel memories with XcelTrip- Your travel Partner for 2022.

XcelTrip|3 min read|Feb 1, 2022

With the holiday season ending up, you might have missed some locations you wanted to visit last year. But don’t worry as Xceltrip is here to help you make memories on your next trip this 2022. Buckle up, make plans, and keep your crypto ready. Make some awesome and exciting travel memories with XcelTrip. Use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to book your travel on XcelTrip platforms!

XcelTrip for 2022

With over 2.4 million hotels and 450 flights around the globe, XcelTrip offers you a Decentralized travel ecosystem. Which makes your journey more convenient and hassle-free.

XcelTrip is a blockchain-based travel OTA platform aimed at disrupting the trillion-dollar travel industry.

The most incredible aspect and perk about XcelTrip is that the blockchain based OTA platform accepts cryptocurrency payments. Since it is built on a decentralized ecosystem and blockchain technology where crypto use-cases are democratized, no middlemen are involved, keeping your travel costs to a minimum. With these, travelers can directly connect to service providers.

Furthermore, transactions from XcelTrip are comparatively faster, as there is no engagement of intermediaries, resulting in no delay in payment. Also, the payment methods are safe, transparent, and immutable, where payment may simply be done through crypto wallets securely. It also settles Fiat payment if consumers prefer to do so.

Places to Visit in 2022 with XcelTrip:


Nepal offers a wide variety of entertainment, adventures, activities, and cultural exchange. Not only that, there are a lot of fun, adventurous, breathtaking things to do in Nepal. You can read more about Nepal in our previous article.

El Salvador

If you are a crypto enthusiast El Salvador is the place you must visit in 2022. As the crypto space is booming, El Salvador seems to be on the way to becoming the first Bitcoin City by this year.Find out more.


Explore Arboretum Trompenburg in Rotterdam — perhaps, the only metropolis that can boast a huge collection of the most unusual varieties of trees. The Trompenburg Arboretum botanical gardens are beautifully laid out with a large collection of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and tubers. When visiting Amsterdam, book Camp INN Amsterdam hotel with XcelTrip.


Austria is a Central European country with imperial history, baroque architecture, mountain villages and alpine landscape. The capital of Austria — the city of Vienna — is located on the Danube River. Vienna is notable for its Schönbrunn and Hofburg palaces, as well as the fact that remarkable people such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss and Sigmund Freud lived in Vienna. Popular sights of Austria are the Bohemian Forest in the north of the country, Lake Traunsee and the vineyards located in the east. When in Vienna, visit St. Stephen Cathedral with XcelTrip.


Modern Belgium is interesting to many travelers. This is largely due to medieval castles and squares, which were fortunate enough to survive to this day.When in Belgium, the Belfry Palace and the Gall Tower in Burges Square are two fascinating keeps that you must see. Explore Belgium with a decentralized travel platform — XcelTrip.

With XcelTrip, you will be able to visit all these amazing places and even more using your crypto. Make the XcelTrip app your best buddy this 2022 and create ultimate memories traveling around the world.



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