Introducing XcelAssets

Xceltrip|2 min read|May 27, 2020

XcelLab Family is proud to introduce XcelAssets a private token sale, that allows you to invest in the future of XcelToken Plus and make profits every week.

XcelAssets is an exceptional platform that offers equity on XcelToken Plus with benefits unlike any in the industry. Some of these benefits are:

  1. Upwards of 8% quarterly return in ETH
  2. Receive a direct referral bonus of upto 25%
  3. Get up to 50% off on hotel bookings on XcelTrip booked with XcelToken Plus
  4. Zero Cost Trading on CoinGeo

XcelAssets has multiple packages to choose from:

General Packages- 12 month package will provide dividend ROI of 6% in ETH Quarterly and the 24 month package will pay 7% dividend. Buyers will receive an immediate pre-bonus in XcelToken Plus that you can use to trade on multiple exchanges.

Regular Packages- Pay a minimum of $350 and receive 50–66% instant discount, this enables you buy XcelToken Plus cheaper than the price quoted on CMC. Buyers of this package will also receive pre-bonus in XcelToken Plus.

Equity Packages- Packages range from 12–36 months that provides you 50–75% instant discount on the purchase of XcelToken Plus that provide quarterly dividends, one time pre- bonus and XcelToken Plus cheaper than CMC value.

Click here to find out more about the project and the packages that you could purchase.

XcelAssets provides a unique opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency that has use-cases that could enable mass disruption.


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