How to give Bitcoin for the New Year: ideas for an original gift

Xcelpay|4 min read|Dec 24, 2019

New Year’s holidays — this is the time to surprise family people. If you don’t know how, then XcelPay Wallet recommends giving you the most discussed Bitcoin cryptocurrency in the world. Well, what else would we advise?

We bet that the question arose in your head: “How to do this if the cryptocurrency does not have a physical image?” Here we are also prepared, therefore, catch three ways to give Bitcoin on New Year 2020, which no one else knows about.

Gift preparation

Preparing Bitcoin for delivery is the same in three ways.

Any gift looks interesting in a festive package. We will also pack Bitcoin, but the carrier will be the only colorful wrapping paper. It is in it, and more precisely on it, that we will present BTC or a part of it.

If the person to whom you are going to give such an unusual gift has a digital wallet, then everything is easy — just transfer money to it. But if it is not there, then you will need to start it. How to do this, we describe in the ways. Well, let’s get started.

Method number 1: Bitcoin on a piece of paper

To implement this method, the Bitcoin Paper Wallet service will help, which is just the same for creating a paper wallet. You can create a wallet layout on your own resource: choose the style and language in which the information will be written. You can decorate a paper wallet, but not necessarily, with holographic stickers.After a little creativity, the resulting image must be printed on a printer. Note that you must print so that the image is on both sides of the paper. “Go” to the exchange to buy BTC and immediately transfer them to the wallet, the address of which we recommend to copy first.

Method number 2: Bitcoin on a flash drive

First of all, to implement this method, you need to buy a flash drive for storing bitcoins. Pay attention to bitcoin flash drives, such as: Trezor, Ledger Nano S or Digital Bitbox.

A flash drive can be packaged to your taste, for example in a small beautiful box. And do not forget to add a small note in which the password for the wallet will be indicated.

Method number 3: Bitcoin on the phone

In fact, absolutely any device with the Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows operating system is suitable for storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Buy a smartphone. It’s very good if you know which mobile device the close one wants.

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