Hardware wallet maker Ledger announced that it will add support for the Tezos cryptocurrency (XTZ)

Xcelpay|3 min read|Jan 3, 2020

Hardware wallet maker Ledger announced that it will add support for the Tezos cryptocurrency (XTZ) and the possibility of staking it into the Ledger Live app. This was reported on the Ledger website.


Ledger Live is used by Ledger wallet owners to manage cryptocurrency assets and allows you to check your account balance, as well as send and receive tokens without having to disclose private keys.

Ledger aims to combine security with impeccable experience. The Tezos announcement of support is part of this mission. Ledger Live simplifies the use of cryptocurrencies, while Ledger hardware wallets provide a high level of security. Ledger Live users can now create and import Tezos accounts, stake in XTZ and passively earn rewards,” said Pascal Gautier, Ledger CEO.

A little later, Ledger released a new version of its desktop application Ledger Live. In Ledger Live 1.9.1, the following interface languages ​​became available to users: Russian, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

In turn, the American payment startup Uphold announced plans to implement the Ledger Vault custodian solution developed by Ledger.

Recall, Tezos Southeast Asia (TSA) announced a strategic partnership with Singapore-based blockchain accelerator Tribe Accelerator to launch a joint training program.

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