Entertain In The Time Of COVID 19

Xceltrip|3 min read|Apr 4, 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has bought the world down to its knees. With every single one of us staying home and our increased consumption of news has created somewhat of an anxiety amongst many.

It is at this time that you ought to find entertainment that could help you relax after a long day of work. Here is a well curated list of all that you can do to entertain yourself while in quarantine:

Stream Free TV Shows And Movies:

If you are tired of the content on Netflix and other paid streaming services or if you simply cannot afford them, then make sure to check out: HBO Starting today, you can stream hundreds of hours’ worth of programming, including every season of Barry, Silicon Valley and Veep. There are also some family-friendly movies, like The Lego Movie 2 and Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Amazon has now made multiple kids shows free to view, this may put some parents minds to rest.

Exercise For Free

Make sure to keep yourself in shape during your stay at home, it relaxes you mind and releases enough endorphins that let you easily cope with your day. This might be the perfect time to take up yoga, one of the greatest stress-relievers ever. You can find countless free beginner classes — and plenty for more experienced yogis as well — on YouTube. I recommend starting with Yoga With Adriene, which has literally hundreds of videos for all skill levels (and all categories, like Yoga for Bedtime and Yoga for Wrist Pain). While you’re at it, you can search YouTube for meditation classes — also not exactly entertaining, but a useful way to pass the time and keep stress at bay.

Read Comic Books For Free

If you are a comic book nerd like me or if you just like Marvel movies and want to get into reading comic books, Dark Horse is offering a ton of free first-issue comics, with titles including Hellboy and Stranger Things, as well as a selection for kids: Frozen, The Incredibles, Disney Treasure Island and more. Head next to Comixology to find a dozen free Marvel comics — Avengers vs. X-Men Collection and Civil War among them.

Visit Museums Virtually

Google’s Art and Culture collection allows anyone from anywhere around the world to go through the collections of art and art exhibits form museums from around the world for free. Even if you couldn’t go to London and visit the Tate Museum, fret not over 200 paintings from the museum are available for your viewing.

If you have tried and tested all of the above and are still bored, then take up a new hobby, try taking up a free online course that would help you update your skills or even mediate.

XcelTrip advises you stay home in order to make sure that you ensure the safety of both your family and yourself during these trying times.




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