Buy Swiss watches with bitcoin using XcelPay Wallet.

XcelPay|3 min read|Nov 8, 2019

Payments with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are becoming more and more popular. If you ever want to use a major cryptocurrency to buy a watch or piece of jewelry you can do this by XcelPay. 

Bitcoin, if anything, is even safer than traditional payments, because not only are you transacting on the blockchain, which is secure, but when you’re going back and forth…you know who that person is and it’s confirm-able on the blockchain not just for you, but anyone else that wants to confirm that.

Many people either don’t know about crypto or think that it’s some kind of taboo, but it’s far from it. Paying with crypto is fast, low cost, and secure. As a merchant, we like it a lot more than credit card payments which have higher fees.

Watch Shops that Accept Bitcoin

Do you want to buy watches with bitcoin? There are a variety of small and large watch stores accepting new methods of payment, including bitcoin. The list of watch shops that accept digital coins is below:

People can now buy a watch by paying in bitcoin. accepts payments in bitcoin for all the watches. Uhrzeit offers more than 70 brands of watches including chronographs, yacht timers, automatic watches, diver’s watches, fashionable watches, and sports watches.

Gray & sons

Gray & Sons have been selling meticulously restored & like-new condition Certified Pre-owned watches. The company also offers special unused watches from Swiss brands. They recently announced they would accept bitcoin payment for every type of watch they sell online or within the shop. is one of the leading online businesses that offer a variety of brands for men, women, and children. Along with other payment methods, they also support cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange.


Bitdials is a unique luxury watch retailer that only accepts bitcoin payment. Bitdials offers watches of several popular brands including Rolex and Chopard.

Luxe watches

With seven years of industry expertise, Luxe Watches is one of the luxuries watch businesses you can trust. The business offers beautifully crafted and classic pre-owned and new watches. It offers an extensive collection of brands which include Rolex, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and more.

Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT)

This Swiss brand is known for its innovation and now accepts bitcoin and bitcoin cash payments for online purchases.

Whether you’re a crypto newbie or a crypto pro, you’ll want to check out Knowledge Base, Tools & Resources and Blockchain Finance content. We’re committed to providing education and support for our community. With XcelPay Wallet, cryptocurrency account users can make payment across the globe by using several cryptocurrencies. For instance, XcelPay Wallet can be used to make or receive payment in XcelToken Plus, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other ERC20 tokens. Moreover, XcelPay Wallet allows you to top-up mobile phone plans with 900 different carrier services and in 160 countries, with Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

Download XcelPay Wallet and check how easy it is to use, send or Top-Up your mobile plan with our crypto wallet that is empowered for both mobile and tablet use, makes sure that transferring and receiving payments in crypto is a secure process. 


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