BlockchainUA is close!

Xcelpay|3 min read|Mar 9, 2020

BlockchainUA is proud to announce the eighth international conference to be held on March 20, 2020 in Kyiv and to bring together a strong blockchain community in Ukraine and Europe!

The main blockchain event of Ukraine is already close! For several years in a row, the strongest community in the field of blockchain and decentralized technologies has come together to share experiences and exchange ideas for the development of the industry.

International experts will arrive from different parts of the world to perform on March 20 in Kiev on the stage of BlockchainUA.

BlockchainUA brings together over 1000 blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, blockchain enthusiasts, IT experts and media from around the world each year to discuss topical topics in blockchain and decentralized technology. Step by step, we all together create a favorable business environment in Ukraine in a rapidly growing ecosystem.

The first BlockchainUA took place in 2016 and has since become an international event bringing together blockchain and Fintech industry leaders from more than 20 countries. The focus of the conference is the most relevant: world industry trends, advanced technologies and blockchain projects. One of the key topics of BlockchainUA 2020 will be “Digital Transformation”, enabling businesses to move closer to technological innovation.

The key topics of the BlockchainUA conference will be: blockchain technology, decentralized technology, digital transformation, as well as AI, Cyber ​​Security and IoT.

BlockchainUA offers quality content from thought leaders from Ukraine, Europe and America. This is an educational and networking event — speakers need to provide an educational slice in their speeches, as well as a shared vision within their expertise.

Content is useful for a wide audience — IT experts, entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, lawyers, regulatory representatives and others.

The conference is divided into 3 topics, so you can choose the destination that interests you.

Blockchain books, unique blockchain merch, digital prizes and sweepstakes — all at BlockchainUA! Be at the epicenter of innovation — join Ukraine’s main blockchain event in 2020!

BlockchainUA is first of all practical content, which is based on the expertise and invaluable experience of the best specialists in their industry. The advantages of the most discussed technology, issues of entrepreneurship and doing business in the blockchain sphere, current trends, innovative approaches, issues of blockchain regulation — all this and much more you can hear from experts with vast practical experience in the industry.

The BlockchainUA program is very saturated. This is the case when it is better to see. Join us and become part of a large crypto community!

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