BCH and USDT listed on XcelTrip — Get Discounts on your bookings today!

XcelTrip|2 min read|Mar 16, 2022

You can travel anywhere in the world and pay in cryptos with XcelTrip!

XcelTrip, has recently listed BCH and USDT in its platform and is extending discount to all its users till the end of March!

Make most of your BCH and USDT tokens!

The decentralized travel and booking platform- XcelTrip, allows users to book hotels and flights and make payments in cryptocurrency. Currently, XcelTrip enables users to take service from over 2.3 million hotels and over 450 flights, worldwide! This means only one thing, BCH and USDT token holders now have the ability to make most of their cryptocurrency holding!

The IATA certified, XcelTrip is on-boarding more cryptos to its platform every day.

Travel the world with XcelTrip and get discount on your next booking

Use discount code “XCELTRIP10” on your next booking with XcelTrip and get 10 Dollars off on your next hotel booking that exceeds $50 in tariff!

XcelTrip provides travelers with a list of various properties and airlines to choose from. Travellers can filter options and make the best choice according to their preference. Based on best suitable and affordable options, Travellers can book hotels and flights on XcelTrip and directly process the payment in cryptos without having to leave XcelTrip platform!

Sign-up or log-in to your XcelTrip app. Choose from over 2.3 million hotels and 450 flights.

Plan your Next travel with XcelTrip!

XcelTrip is an integral part of Xcellab ecosystem, the blockchain- powered travel and booking platform is working to make blockchain technology and cryptocurrency accessible to all.

In contrary to centralized booking platforms, where users are at the risk of data breach and being exploited by middlemen, XcelTrip disintermediates the world or travel and finance and maximizes benefits to users and service-providers!

Not only travelers benefit from cheaper and faster settlements, but data recorded in blockchain through smart contracts are secure, decentralized, and tamper — proof with no central point of vulnerability or failure Planning trips. This way, booking flights and hotels is made easier with XcelTrip.



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