Barcelona football club will issue a token for voting.

Xcelpay|3 min read|Mar 14, 2020

Fans of “Barcelona” are going to get on the blockchain.

Barca, as one of the most popular football clubs in the world, produces tokens for use on the platform for fans. The tokens expected in the second quarter will allow owners to vote on various decisions about the team, for example, what kind of music to play in the stadium when the team scores a goal. The idea is to allow supporters around the world to participate in the club.

To get coins, fans can download the app, buy the native coins of this app, known as Chiliz, and then use them to buy Barca Fan Team tokens. Fans will be offered 40 million Barca coins of 2 euros each, and most of the proceeds will go to the club, said Alexander Dreyfus, CEO of, producer Chiliz, in a telephone interview. Chiliz tokens trade on several cryptocurrencies, and can also be stored in a cryptocurrency wallet.

According to Dreyfus, Barcelona is the ninth top-level team that signed a contract with Chiliiz at to issue tokens. Other clubs include Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus. According to him, since the fan tokens debuted in December, about 110,000 users have registered who bought an average of $ 20 coins.

“For all these teams, it’s just another vertical — just like they have merchandising and electronic tickets,” said Dreyfus. “We are not targeting fans who are in the stadium that they already know. The idea is to reach 99.9% of people who are not in the stadium. ”

Catalan football club Barcelona will issue the Barça Fan Token token, which will give fans the opportunity to vote in club polls. Tokens will be available on the app from Chiliz.

Barça Fan Token (BAR) was developed in collaboration with the blockchain company Chiliz so that fans can vote in polls initiated by the football club through the mobile app. The CEO and founder of Chiliz, Alexander Dreyfus, said:

“Barcelona has over 300 million fans worldwide. The club is without a doubt the most famous and most supported football team in the world, and we look forward to seeing its fans participate in the club’s life. ”

Chiliz noted that fans interacting with the club through the app will be rewarded with points that can be exchanged for the team’s souvenirs. There are other features for BAR holders, including chat, token trading, games, and more.

40 million BAR tokens will go on sale in the second quarter of 2020 at a price of € 2 per token. At the same time, in order to get a BAR token, fans will first need to purchase a Chiliz token, which can be bought on many exchanges.

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