5 Awesome Places to Visit in Sochi

XcelTrip|3 min read|Sep 26, 2019

A seaside city in the Russian Southern Federal District, Sochi’s popularity is increasing day by day. In recent years, a genuine economic, cultural, artistic and architectural revolution has taken place in this Olympic city.

5 Awesome Places to Visit in Sochi

Stalin’s Villa (Dacha)

Stalin’s big dacha is open to the public. He used to visit this place quite often and usually held meetings with political leaders of the period. An opportunity to rent a room is provided to visitors, so they can experience the true spirit of Russian communism of the past. Downstairs there’s a small museum displaying Stalin’s waxwork and personal belongings.

Ritsa Lake

This lake is simply huge and absolutely breathtaking. Ritsa is surrounded by green hills and beautiful plants. You will have an opportunity to pass through small waterfalls and walk along the banks to enjoy the scenic views. The lake is located around 950 metres above sea level and provides visitors the best spots for taking photos.

The Singing Fountains

This attraction of Sochi is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in the city. Fountains were built back in 1970, and they are situated right in front of the Sochi Trade Gallery. Unfortunately, the fountains are only active when it’s hot outside and usually once it begins to get dark.

33 Waterfalls

Undoubtedly this place was blessed by nature long long time ago. The city of Sochi is full of numerous wonders, among them you can find a place called 33 waterfalls which is considered to be the most impressive is this collection of wonders of nature. The highest one is only 10 metres; however, all of these falls are very picturesque, particularly when the snow starts to melt in March. Don’t miss it because you’ll never forget it.

Sochi Arboretum

The Sochi Arboretum (or Dendrary Park) was built in 1892; it’s a must-visit attraction in Sochi. This green park with a huge amount of different exotic plants has a relaxing, calm and pleasant atmosphere. Don’t miss the panoramic view of the sea and coast via the local cable car.

Town History Museum

This museum originally opened in 1920; it was closed some years after, and now the doors of the recently renovated museum are open again. The collection of classic Russian art was introduced some decades ago, with all of the artefacts and photos mostly connected to the city’s rich history.

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