4 Must Try Dishes from the Swiss Cuisine

XcelTrip|4 min read|May 31, 2019

Planning a trip to Switzerland, here are some of the dishes that you must try from the Swiss Cuisine that are a significant part of the Swiss diet:

Swiss fondue 

Swiss fondue has grown in popularity not only in Switzerland but all over the world. This traditional Swiss dish is essentially a amalgamation of melted cheese, garlic, and wine eaten together with bread, meat, and vegetables using a long-stemmed fork. The yummy food originates from the Alps, around the canton of Wallis (German) and Valais (French).


Do you have the desire for something mouth-watering and delicious? You must try a Swiss tart called Nusstorte. The tart is an excellent amalgamation of a short crust pastry, chopped walnuts, caramelized sugar and cream, it tastes as divine as it sounds, be sure to try this dish from the Swiss cuisine. 

Basler Leckerli 

This next dish from the Swiss cuisine is much older than all of us, we believe. The first creation of Basler Leckerly was around 600 years ago, and we all should thank the local spice merchants who made the lovely Basler Leckerli. Traditionally consumed during Christmas, Basler Leckerli is essentially a biscuit made from almonds, hazelnut, honey, fruit, and Kirsch. All good elements are in this sweet biscuit! Basler Leckerli is obtainable all year round at Sweet & Salzig. 

Swiss chocolates 

Famous globally chocolate brands are from the one and only Switzerland! The nation manufactures premium quality of chocolate. What is so great about Swiss chocolates is that they’re world famous and affordable.

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