4 Korean Street Food That Are Must Tries!

XcelTrip|4 min read|May 24, 2019

In South Korea you are not ever far from delightful street eats to satisfy a kimchi thirst. Skewers of tangy roasted chicken, seafood pancakes with kimchi pizza, and excellent fish-shaped waffles with a sweet amazement filling can even make for a full meal. Here are 4 must eat Korean Street food: 


Kimchi is a fermented vegetable side dish that goes with almost every main course I ordered in Seoul. It was captivating to taste various arrangements. I recently read that the Korean Field Museum in Seoul has recognized 187 different varieties and there are many more. 

Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes)

If you hate spice, look away now. Tteokbokki comes with a bright red or orange sauce called gochujang, made by fermenting soybeans and red chillies into a sauce that is used widely in Korean dishes, most famously in bibimbap. Well into the night you will find street-stalls and pojangmacha stewing oblong pans of tteok (rice cakes that resemble overdone penne pasta) in the sparkling gochujang. 

Twigim (Korean-style tempura)

Koreans don’t creep around frying their street food. Twigim are numerous components that taste great fried in a batter (think Japanese tempura but more considerable) – juicy squid, a hash of vegetables, sweet potatoes and even simmered eggs. You will be hard pushed to find twigim outdoor of Korea, so fill up ­– pick up the piece you want with approximately tongs, and pay for the lot at the end. 

Gimbap (Korean sushi) 

It looks like sushi, but this is its Korean cousin, gimbap – dressier with a seaweed (gim) wrap and glassy in flavour you can almost see. The rice (bap) and seaweed are lightly infused with perilla oil and the rolls are given boost with a side of kimchi. Fillings are much like sushi with meat, spinach, surimi, tofu, pickled radish and egg roll, but can include a leaf of butter lettuce or herbaceous perilla (kkaennip) rolled into the gimbap to lift the freshness. 

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