4 Hotels in Indonesia That Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

XcelTrip|4 min read|May 5, 2019

Vacation in Indonesia this summer and take in the culture, nature and traditions of this wonderful country. While on your trip to Indonesia don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the various species that live on the archipelago’s many national parks. Japan is also known for some of the best resorts and hotels. Here is a list of 4 amazing hotels that you should stay at, that accept cryptocurrency payments, on your trip to Indonesia:

Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Located amidst a plush hillside rainforest, it spans prettily across a green valley and the other side of this wonderful resort you will find Ayung river running close enough to hug it. Just an hour’s ride away from the airport in Denpasar it is one of the best places to stay in Indonesia. As soon as you reach the resort, you will be greeted by a butler or patih who will then take you to your house which consists of vivid murals, sustainable Balinese furniture and Balinese paints. You can now book your hotel room through XcelTrip as they now accept cryptocurrency payments.

Four Seasons Resort, Bali (Sayan)

Located in the crevices around the tiny hillside village of Sayan, surrounded by beautiful gardens. The airport however is a trek, takes two hours to reach on a day with bad traffic. When you reach the resort, you will be blessed with holy water and wrapped in a colourful sash. The rooms here are scattered around the sprawling the grounds are 60 spacious suites and villas, with rice terraces and the views of the tropical forest.

Hoshinoya, Bali

Hoshinoya resorts first property outside Japan. It is a beautiful mixture of Japanese and Balinese cultures. Located aside a hillside that flanks the Pakerisan river. There are three types of villas you can get, Bulan, Sokha and Jalak, the latter two are slightly larger and Bulan is an entry level villa.

Fivelements, Bali

Fivelements is a 15-minute drive from the touristic town of Ubud. This wellness retreat is situated in a valley along the bank of the sacred river of Ayung. It is on to this river that the suites face. The resort houses suites, spa, restaurant and the yoga space surrounded by ponds and a tropical garden.

Stay at any of these above hotels or resorts that accept cryptocurrency payments, log on to XcelTrip.com and plan your trip to Indonesia now.


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