4 Beautiful Places to Visit in Yekaterinburg

XcelTrip|4 min read|Sep 24, 2019

As a modern city seeped in historical significance, Yekaterinburg in Russia has a feast of sights to discover. From ornate architecture through to monuments of respect and fandom, explore the best the city has to offer with our top twenty picks of unmissable buildings, statues and sights.

4 Beautiful Places to Visit in Yekaterinburg

Keyboard Monument

Along the Iset River embankment is a piece of public art that pays tribute to technology and computers. Created in October 2005 by artist Anatoly Vyatkin, the Keyboard Monument consists of around 100 stone blocks, each weighing over 50kg each, positioned to look like an oversized QWERTY keyboard. Designed on a 30:1 scale, the sculpture stretches across 16 metres (53 feet). The locals say if you want to reboot your life step on Ctrl, Alt, Del.

The Pelmeni Club

The Pelmeni Club is a cheap and cheerful experience in Russian cuisine. The small and cozy restaurant offers a wide range of sweet and savoury Russian style dumplings using local ingredients and flavours, as well as giving its customers the opportunity to make their own food. Depending on your interest level you can either bind your dumpling portion yourself, or stuff dough to make your own. There are also children’s workshops available. The restaurant has been so popular it has opened a second restaurant on ul., Lunacharsky. English menus are available.

Church upon the Blood

On the night of July 16, 1918, the Bolsheviks executed Tsar Nicholas II, his wife and five children during the Bolshevik Revolution in the basement of a local engineer’s house, ending Russian imperial bloodlines and solidifying Lenin’s power. The house was demolished in 1977 and what stands there now is the resplendent Church upon the Blood, a fully operational chapel, museum and a memorial to the fallen family. An impressive example of Byzantine-style architecture, the church is embellished with gold-topped domes and is rumoured to contain the most expensive religious icon commissioned in Russia.

Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Keeping in line with Russia’s appreciation for Classicism, the Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the oldest and most opulent opera theatres in Russia. It has been staging operas and ballets since the late 1800s, making it one of the oldest buildings in the city. Many of Russia’s greats have graced the stage here including Sergei Lemesheve, Irina Aekhipoiva and Boris Shtokolov in their early days, earning it a reputation as a key regional theatre. Its current repertoire comprises of well-known ballets and operas such as La Bohème and Swan Lake.

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