2019 At A Glance

Xceltrip|4 min read|Jan 2, 2020

As the year of 2019 comes to an end, here are all the wonderful partnerships, changes and events that the XcelLab has created and been a part of, that have made the year a memorable one.

Under XcelTrip- a Next- Generation travel platform powered by the blockchain technology, has been built solely to disrupt the ever-growing trillion-dollar travel industry. The features are scrupulously created to democratize crypto use-cases, that challenges the monopoly of the ecosystem by giving the power back to the users by providing the users full control over their bookings and their anonymity.

An inventory of 1.5 million hotels were added with the partnership with ClearTrip, PriceLine and more. XcelTrip in the year 2019 also the integration of multiple cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Dash, Verge currency, announced at Verge meet-up at Rotterdam and KAU (Kinesis).

XcelTrip became the official Travel partners for the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, announced during the WCC Las Vegas that was conducted between the 29th to the 31st of October, 2019. It was also at this event the Didi of the Bitcoin Family was assigned and announced as an advisor. Aside from this event Team XcelTrip was present at the Blockchain Event in Nigeria, Fintech Expo in Singapore and at Asia Blockchain Summit, Taipei.

XcelTrip is reaching a mass audience through interviews and with a vigorous digital Media presence.

This year also saw the genesis of XcelTrip Nepal, the first of its Kind OTA platform that is aimed at promoting Nepal 2020, in partnership with the Nepal Tourism Board.

XcelToken received a much-needed upgrade of security and was released as XcelToken Plus (XLAB), which is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain Platform, that is painstakingly crafted with the purpose of building, engaging and fostering a large crypto-community within the hospitality, retail and gaming sectors. XcelToken Plus is now available for trading on 14 well reputed exchange platforms under the ticker name XLAB.

XLAB was listed on CMC is steadily gaining traction, like its sister verticals- XcelTrip and XcelPay Wallet.

XcelPay Wallet app received an update that would allow the users to top up their mobile phone plan, with Ethreum and bitcoin in over 160 countries, with over 900 carrier. Later this year another update rolled out, that carried UI changes, to enhance the user experience and simplify the transaction process.

2019 was surely the year of progress and we hope to make the year 2020 one that is filled with productivity and excellence.


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