XcelTrip is disrupting the travel industry

XcelTrip is a next-gen crypto friendly travel booking platform powered by blockchain technology. We are disintermediating travel, and empowering travelers and service providers maximizing benefits to overall crypto-community.

XcelTrip Features

Travelers booking their trip from XcelTrip have power to choose from 2.3 million hotels, 450 airline service providers, and car rental service providers (coming soon) in more than 70 countries.

2.3 Million +
Car Rental Service
70+ Countries
Registered Users

Founder's Message

XcelPay Ecosystem

At XcelTrip, we are designing, adopting and integrating prudent, practical, and progressive decentralized system for travel and booking. While driving decentralization in travel industry, we are focusing on ready and robust parts blokchain and enabling the acceptance of popular cryptocurrencies for booking. We are looking at exponential growth. More real-time crypto use-cases will be added to XcelTrip platform, to increase the adoption of crypto assets around the world, including Restaurant Reservations, Transport Services, Entertainment, Tours and more.



Our Mission

Our mission is to disintermediate and democratize travel by giving power of connectivity and accessibility directly to travelers and service providers by enabling decentralized travel ecosystem. We challenging GDS and Aggregators who are monopolizing market and empowering service providers and travelers in the crypto-community by: providing real, utility-based use-cases to crypto currency and bringing the blockchain eco- system into the mainstream Improving Blockchain and Crypto accessibility and inter-operabitity So everyone Can benefit from it

We are disrupting the trillion-dollar travel industry
A crypto-payment enabled solution to help you book various holidays, Vacations, hotels and flights booking across the world. Pay in cryptos, including native token of XcelPay Ecosystem- XcelDefi (XLD)

Our Vision

XcelTrip, a decentralized travel ecosystem is enabling direct connectivity and access between travelers and travel service providers. By transferring and integrating blockchain technology into travel sector, XcelTrip envisions to eliminate the need of middlemen in travel planning and booking. We have also built a platform and base to leverage crypto adoption and crypto uses-cases.

At XcelTrip, we focus on what Travelers want. Travelers booking their trip from XcelTrip have power to choose from 2.3 million hotels, 450 airline service providers, and car rental service providers in more than 70 countries. The disintermediation brought by XcelTrip will have doubly benefits, where travelers will have full control over their bookings, and service-providers will have direct accessibility with their customers. Additionally, as cryptocurrency holders will have the means and the avenue to make payments using crypto that are listed on XcelTrip, cryptocurrency projects listed on XcelTrip will gain the ability to tap into growing crypto-community and leverage XcelTrip’s platform to increase real-time token use cases.

2.3 Million+Hotels available


65000+Registered Users

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