You can join the crypto community for Global Trade and Finance and now Travel with XDC- Now Listed with XcelTrip!

XcelTrip|1 min read|Jan 27, 2021

XinFin’s utility token: XDC Token which powers XinFin’s Hybrid blockchain, is now listed with decentralized travel platform-XcelTrip.

For those who do not know what XinFin is or what it’s hybrid blockchain does…

XinFin combines the transparency of public blockchain with the speed and security of the private network. XinFin literally stands for exchange infinite. It is a global computer network which uses blockchain technology to connect communities and enterprises. Its network is powered by XinFin Digital Contract or XDC.

Each blockchain comes with its own unique functionalities. In the case of XinFin’s Hybrid blockchain which is powered by XDC. XDC Hybrid blockchain has a perfect use case for banking business, supply chain services, and enterprises. Banking systems are hackable which can make them lose huge sums of money. And, we have practically seen this happen in different countries globally. Supply chain networks and enterprises similarly have the need to automate and to communicate internally and externally. XDC which fuels XinFin’s Network provides businesses with reliability and flexibility.

XinFin Digital Contract (XDC) has a market cap of $81,630,368 USD and a circulating supply of 12,198,000,000 XDC coins. XDC in top exchanges like Bitfinex, Bittrue, and Hotbit!

XcelTrip allows users to book hotels and flights using cryptos. It is a decentralized, blockchain travel platform that has now listed XDC tokens along with Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Verge, Bitcoin Cash, and Xcellab’s Xceltokenplus. Book cheap hotels and flights across the globe using cross-cutting cryptocurrencies.



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