XcelTrip Presents Its Plans For “Roadmap 2020”

XcelTrip|4 min read|Feb 28, 2019

Technology can never stand still, and keeping a finger on the latest trends can be a daunting task. However, keeping track of the latest trends is something that XcelTrip embraces wholeheartedly with a proof that it is a travel platform built exclusively on the blockchain and cryptocurrency use-cases.

At XcelTrip we believe that digital innovation and transformation are creating bold new opportunities for the hospitality industry. We also believe that to satisfy the millennials our main target audience, we need to personalize everything as they would get an opportunity to relish the experiences in the future. In this blog, we draw out the way and outline ahead for us.

Looking at the current state of the hospitality industry, we feel that more and more travelers are booking their vacations through online travel agents (OTAs) that take substantial commissions on every transaction and do not add any additional value to these travelers. At XcelTrip, we feel that most prudent, practical and tactical way to design and architect the system to give more benefits to travelers is by adopting a progressive decentralization roadmap.

Personalize or perish, should be the mantra for any stakeholder of the hospitality industry. This would enable them to get into the hearts of the travelers and in turn build their brand and lay platforms for long-term success. We at XcelTrip want to achieve an active user base of over 5 million by 2020 by making significant changes that remain relevant to the travelers of tomorrow. Here is a to-do list to accomplish the same through the two paths to integration.


·        Make the platform ready for Airlines Booking 

·        More mainstream cryptocurrency acceptance

·        ExtranNet integration with other channel managers to onboard more hotel properties

·        Reduction in Fiat Settlement and increase the use of XCELToken

·        Mobile App enhancement for booking airlines

·        Mobile App enhancement for accepting more cryptocurrencies

·        Loyalty and Cashback in XCELToken, managed as a balance in XCELTrip and is accessible via XCELPay wallet

·        Investigate plasma and state channel to explore a more scalable way to manage the distribution of Loyalty and Cashback in XCELToken. This also obviates the need to trust XCELTrip for maintaining the balance.

·        Smart Contract for vendor pay-out where appropriate

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