XcelTrip Accepts Major Crypto Currencies on Its Revolutionary Online Travel Portal

XcelTrip|3 min read|Aug 14, 2018


It was in the final days of November 2017 when XcelTrip first revealed itself to the world at the Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara. Proving their clear intentions guided by a tunnel vision focus, in less than 9 months since the first teaser, XcelTrip is about to disrupt the online travel industry with a full service hotel booking engine that goes live on August 1, 2018.

XcelTrip started on this journey almost 3 years ago with the goal to build a blockchain based Decentralized Travel Ecosystemto connect the vendors in the hospitality sector directly with the consumers. By achieving this goal XcelTrip’s DTE shall make travel more economical for consumers and business more profitable for the vendors. As part of its first phase of development, XcelTrip has created a proprietary inventory system connected with the travel platform that shall be powered by its own ERC-20 utility token called the “XcelToken”.

XcelTrip’s CEO Hob Khadka said “Our vision is to empower travelers worldwide with a platform that is both easy to use and rewarding at the same time. At XcelTrip, the users can choose from almost half a million properties globally to book their stays at an attractive price with major crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple and BitcoinCash and of course our own XcelToken. We shall also be accepting payments via other modes such as the usual PayPal and Credit / Debit cards enabling us to reach out to a wider audience around the world.”

What excited us, is that this system not just offers great ease of user but also gets rid of unwanted intermediaries who end up adding their own commissions / fees which increases travel costs by almost 15 percent or more with no real valueaddition.

Well, if that’s not all, there’s more ! XcelTrip has a unique IMP program (Independent Marketing Program) that allows travelers to list properties which are not available on XcelTrip and with each listing the traveler also gets rewarded. Furthermore, additional incentives for the IMP are embedded in the system where XcelTrip awards a commissions to the IMP for the services they provide to the vendor and travelers. This commission comes out of the net sales value of the vendor listed by the IMP, for their rooms booked on XcelTrip.com

For more details visit www.xeltrip.com or download their app on AppStore (iOS) or PlayStore (Andriod)

XcelToken launches one of its use cases Xceltrip:

XcelToken is full purpose utility token based on the ERC-20 Ethereum Protocol, which was launched on 20th March, 2018. Its purpose is to decentralize the travel ecosystem and create a community where vendor and user can interact and transact in a fairly shared economy and drive incremental business and savings to both. Along with Xceltrip.com, XcelToken has multiple usecases in the works which will be launched in the near future. For more details, visit www.xceltoken.com

Email us at: info@xceltrip.com

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