Would you like to visit London Eye with XcelTrip?

XcelTrip|4 min read|Jun 21, 2019

The London Eye is one of London's most popular attractions and at peak times queues are lengthy. London Eye seems to have captured the imagination of visitors to London. It is now one the most popular attractions of all. Essentially the proposition is a very simple one. Ride a giant big wheel 135 meters high taking 30 minutes to travel one revolution.

 Would you like to visit London Eye with XcelTrip


You ride in a luxurious capsule in comfort; each capsule is fully air-conditioned to keep its visitors completely comfortable no matter what the temperature outside. Each capsule also rotates on a special device designed to keep everyone upright as the wheel makes a slow but progressive revolution.


The London Eye is by Westminster Bridge - England's main religious building. Originally built in Saxon times in the 7th century, its real importance dates from 1065 with Edward the Confessor setting up his throne here. Since that time Government has always been centered on Westminster, with commercial activity centered on the City of London to the east.


London Eye is on the other side of the river to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and the longest and most intricately styled stretches of the famous Thames River.  The booking office is in the adjacent County Hall building, at one time home of London's governing body. County Hall also houses two hotels and two other attractions - The London Aquarium and London Dungeon.


Travellers could see wide range of ticket types. The London Eye offers a range of other ticket types which include a Student ticket, Day & Night ticket, Family ticket, VIP experiences and more. Clicking on the banner will take you to all these choices to make your booking.

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