Visit Ireland- 5 Must Visit Cities in Ireland

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There are many places to visit in Ireland. It is a country that has a lot to offer to its visitors – from the stunning unspoilt nature and dramatic coastline to bustling cities and traces of the ancient past. Here is the list of 5 must Visit cities in Ireland, however you will find much more in this green island.


Dublin is known for many as a city where you can experience long nights in the famous Temple Bar district. It is the capital of Ireland, and therefore offers a lot to explore. Do remember to visit its castle, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, or to enjoy its streets during some of the main festivals and events.



Right on the opposite (western) end of the country you can find a medieval city of Galway. With its architecture and a vibrant cultural scene, it has been voted one of the sexiest cities in the world. The city is crisscrossed with picturesque streets decorated with colourful portals, pubs and shops. Here you cannot miss medieval city walls with its Spanish Arch or huge and impressive Cathedral. Nearby Galway you can then explore Connemara National Park, which boasts the beautiful mountains, vast marshes, forests and heaths.



Cork is the 2nd largest city of Ireland situated on its southern part. There are approximately 120,000 inhabitants living permanently in the city and has a port and one of the largest international airports in the country. In combination with mild climate, rich history, and a developed cultural life, Cork became very popular and is always full of tourists.



Beautiful and mystical Dingle Peninsula, which is part of Ireland, is (apart from Iceland) considered the westernmost point of Europe. Its rocky coastline, alternating with kilometres of beaches is washed by the cold Atlantic Ocean. Together with its wonderful nature, rich culture and history, this place is a heaven just waiting to be explored. Its capital is Dingle which is, at the same time, the starting point for all hiking trails. You can visit its Ocean world Aquarium or just stroll through its colourful streets.



Somewhere in the middle of the way between Dublin and Cork you will find a city of Kilkenny. It is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Ireland. The castle, standing above the bend of the River Nore is one of the most impressive sights. Its history dates back to the 12th century, when the city was colonized by the Normans and at the site of today’s castle, they built a fort. The castle was gradually expanded and fortified. But there are many other medieval sights that are worth a visit!


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