Vending Machines that Accept Bitcoin

XcelPay|2 min read|Jun 8, 2019

Smart vending machines have been applied around the world for a while, but only pioneering corporations have added Bitcoin functionality. Beneath is the list of vending machineries that accept Bitcoin to expand the imbursement means for customers:

 Vending Machines that Accept Bitcoin

Aeguana Vending Machine

Aeguana launched new vending machines that accept bitcoin alongside other imbursement approaches.


American Green ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine

Rather than candy and soda, American Green ZaZZZ vending machine give out marijuana. It newly combined bitcoin imbursement system to improve imbursement choices for customers.


Bitcoin Kinetics BitWasher

Bitcoin Kinetics established a BitWasher vending machine definitely for cryptocurrency cliental. The business has already marketed a number of other bitcoin machineries including ticket machineries, parking meters, ATMs, imbursement kiosks, and arcade imbursement devices.


Liberty Games’ Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball Machine

Inspired by gaming company Stern’s, Liberty Games’ bitcoin pinball mechanism is serviced by technicians with an added bitcoin support selection.


Coca-Cola Vending Machine

Coca-Cola has developed their vending machineries to function on the lightning network to let customers to get the fizzy soda favourite with Bitcoin.

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